Prom is On at Gateway Mall

Prom is On at Gateway Mall

It's mid-March which means it's time to start planning for prom. Gateway Mall has all the head-to-toe answers for the most pressing "what to wear" questions.

It's All About the Dress

They say that once you have the dress picked out, the rest is smooth sailing. Fashion trends this spring show more off-shoulder styles, blush is the big color and dresses with back details can make a real statement. (Shop Dillard's)



Guys Can Rock the Look Too

We've moved way beyond the basics when it comes to styling for the guys. From a classic all black to a two-tone burgundy or a white dinner jacket with shawl lapels, there are lots of options to add fun to your tuxedo. (Visit Shannon Formalwear)



The Frosting on the Cake

Accessories make or break the outfit. The right shoes finish off the perfect dress, a funky bow tie adds a twist of fun and long, glittery earrings can make a V-neckline pop. (Shop Claire’s)